Customer Reviews

Our mission is to deliver an exceptional, comfortable experience for each of our clients so they keep coming back.

Hazel Francis
a week ago

Very good place, very interesting atmosphere… you’ll get the best haircut in the world..try it out!

David V
a year ago

For those that are conoisseur of quality artistic cuts, you arrived home.Not your regular Great clips shop..lol

Frank is the Master barber that has been handling my fades, brows, and long haircuts for over 5 years. Did I mention the flat screens and chilled out couches to wait  in while your appointment is due? While $15 is the norm, I do $20.

Para la gente que save vengan se Ali Bueno!

Kashy Davis
5 months ago

Frank, Nate, Shawn, and Steve are all the GOATS, Frank is LeBron, Nate is Kevin Durant before his punk ass went to the Warriors, Shawn is Kobe, and Steve is Jordan. The rest of the shop is good too.